Green Tea originates in China & Japan where weather, soil and processing methods will depict the aroma. It is a rich source of antioxidants that will boost your immune system and is reputed to have wondrous effects on the heart, bones and teeth while beautifying the skin. One cup a day will have a wonderful effect on your overall wellbeing.
Arabian Mint Peppermint flavoured rolled green tea 100g $9.00
Australian Sencha Plain green tea from Australia 100g $12.90
Champagne & Strawberry – OUT OF STOCK Sweet & creamy with Blackberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, cornflower petals & strawberry bits. 100g $10.90
China Jasmine Delicate jasmine flavoured green tea 100g $9.00
China Sencha Organic Aids digestion 100g $9.90
Christmas Green tea Green tea, cinnamon, apple, citrus peel, almonds and rosepetals 100g $9.50
Emerald Sunset Green tea with strawberry, peach & pineapple bits 100g $9.90
French Earl Grey Green Green tea with bergamot, rose petals & calendula 100g $9.90
Goji-Acai Green Tea Exotic green tea with hibiscus, rosehips, apple,goji berries, raspberries, pomegranate blossoms, acai fruit powder 100g $9.50
Gunpowder Organic Hand rolled pellets with a dry taste (Grade 1) 100g $9.00
Japanese Bancha Organic Suitable for elderly people and children because of its low caffeine content 100g $11.40
Japanese Lime Citrus peel and daisies 100g $10.00
Japanese Sencha Long flat-leafed, light tasting tea 100g $9.90
Olive Leaf Green Tea Green tea, olive leaf, spearmint, ginko, rosepetals and calendula 100g $10.90
Peach Green tea with peach bits and rose petals 100g $9.90
Quince Green tea and blue cornflowers 100g $9.90