Herbal Teas are most enjoyable to drink warm or iced. A wonderful caffeine free beverage. Brew with boiling water and steep 5-10 mins.
Chamomile (organic) Sweet flavoured with deep yellow infusion. Very relaxing 40g $7.80
Chrysanthemum Whole flowers, delicate tasting 50g $8.00
Dandelion Root Root from the dandelion which is mildly laxative ( out of stock 100g $8.90
Elder flowers Aids relief of flu and boosts the immune system 50g $7.80
Fennel Seeds Helps to suppress appetite, aids digestion & treats ulcers & colic 50g $6.50
Ginger Root Organic A great tummy and circulation tonic 75g $10.50
Ginko Biloba Leaves of the ginkgo tree, good for blood supply to the brain 50g $7.00
Hibiscus Blossoms Organic Blossoms. Stimulates appetite and rich in vitamin C 75g $8.80
Jasmine Blossoms Whole Jasmine Blossoms. Great for blending 25g $6.50
Lavender Blossoms great for headaches and relaxation 50g $9.00
Lemon Grass Organic High antibacterial, great for colds and flu 50g $7.80
Lemon Myrtle Organic Grown in North Queensland 100g $9.90
Lemon Verbena Aids sleep and relaxation 50g $7.80
Licorice Root Strong tasting, great for coughs 100g $9.00
Lime Blossoms Silver lime, with mild taste 50g $7.50
Peppermint (organic) Contains a high content of etheric oils 50g $8.00
Raspberry Leaves Organic A wonderful herb that tones the reproductive system 50g $7.80
Rose Buds Rich red rose buds high in vitamin C 50g $8.50
Rose Petals Aromatic pink rose petals, very relaxing 30g $8.50
Rose hip Organic Sweet and high in vitamin C 100g $9.80
Rooitea Chai South African Redbush (Rooibos) with cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, black pepper and cloves 100g $9.90
Rooitea Cream South African Red bush flavoured with caramel and vanilla pieces 100g $9.50
Rooitea Organic Popular South African Red bush tea 100g $9.90
Rooitea Raspberry Vanilla – OUT OF STOCK Flavoured with raspberry and vanilla 100g $9.90
Sage Great for menopause and sore throats 50g $7.80
Spearmint Great for colic and indigestion 40g $7.80
Stinging Nettle Good for arthritis anemia and menstrual problems 40g $7.80
Turkish Apple Powder Instant Turkish Apple powder tea 100g $7.50