Made from fruits native to the Australian bush, Kurrajong Native Food products provide a unique and deliciously tangy accompaniment to any dish.

Rosella (Hibiscus Fruit)
The wild rosella is a native hibiscus whose flower turns into a stunningly beautiful deep red fruit. Delectably tart, rosellas make a jam with a deep, sharp flavour that is used favourably with meats as well as a spread. Use it instead of cranberry sauce on ham and turkey or serve with kangaroo and crocodile.

Finger Lime
The unique nutritious and deliciously tart blood lime is found on Australia’s East Coast. A hybrid of the ginger lime and the desert lime to combine the best of both, this fruit has a delightful tangy flavour which makes a fabulous marmalade.

Lilli Pilli
An East Australian coastal rainforest fruit with the fresh sweet flavour of berry, cherry and ginger, the lilli pilli creates a sensational fruity spicy jam which is not only great on toast but can be used on a cheese plate to complement camembert, blue vein or your favourite cheese.

Rainforest Plum (Davidson Plum)
An Eastern Australian Coastal rainforest fruit, the deep crimson coloured Davidson Plum is high in fruit acids and makes a deliciously tart flavoured jam which can be used in marmalade with lamb, port or kangaroo.

Desert Quandong
A sweet quandong, or native peach is widely dispersed throughout the central deserts and southern areas of Australia. High in vitamin C.

Finger Lime Marmalade 130g $7.80
Lilli Pilli Conserve  120g $7.80   
Desert Quandong Jam140g $11.80  
Rainforest Plum Jam140g $7.80   
Rosella Jam140g $7.80
Australian Native Syrups
Rosella Flowers – Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup 250g $12.50