Oldbucks Furniture Polish A carefully formulated blend of soft and hard-drying rain-forest waxes combined with distilled wood-gum turpentine. Contains no silicone or polymers. Suitable for polishing all kinds of timber surfaces as well as French-polished furniture and stripped, unpolished pine. Available as clear or dark brown stain polish in 90g or 500g tins.
Oldbucks Polish & Cleaner A special blend of organic and citrus oils suitable for most surfaces from timber to chrome. Protects timber, covers scratch marks, removes water stains and rejuvenates tired furniture. Available in 200ml or 1 litre containers.
POLISH – 90g $10.50 – 500g $41.00 POLISH & CLEANER- 200ml $10.50- 1 litre $41.00
Polish – Dark Stain 90g $11.50 Polish & Cleaner 200ml
Polish – Dark Stain 500g  Polish & Cleaner 1litre
Polish – Clear 90g
Polish – Clear 500g