White Tea is the anti-aging tea. Due to less processing of this tea it is considered to be the highest in antioxidants of all tea. Comes from the youngest most tender leaves (first flush) of the tea tree (camellia sinensis) harvested by hand once a year while the buds are still silvery and downy. White tea has a delicate sweet flavour and is lower in caffeine than other varieties.
Steep white tea as green.
Allow boiling water to cool for 1-2 mins and then brew between 4-10 mins. Silver needles can be brewed up to 15mins.

Pai Mu Tan Organic Leaf and downy buds, hand picked once a year 50g $9.50
China Yin Zhen Silver Needles Hand picked early, silvery downy buds with a delicate taste 50g $17.90
China Jasmine Downy pearls, hand rolled white tea with jasmine flavour 50g $14.00